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Preparing Your Files For Mixing

Thank you for choosing Anthem House Recording to mix your project.   Here is a list for preparing your files for transfer and mixdown.  


  • Send a "rough mix".  This is a mixdown of everything balanced similar to how you want your song to sound with all effects, compression, etc.  You can send this file as an MP3 at 320khz or a 44.1/24bit WAV 

  • Formatting - For individual track files, we accept files in the WAV format at the highest resolution you used for your recording. Please provide at least 44.1khz/24bit WAV or higher

  • Sending your DAW's session file is not necessary.  Please send individual WAV files for each instrument in your song

  • Please solo and export each track as an individual stereo or mono file.  For example: kick, snare, toms L&R, overheads, bass, electric gtr1, etc.  Most DAWs have a one step process to export all tracks as individual tracks

  • Make sure effects are disabled on all of the tracks and the main output buss, no compression, reverbs, delays, etc need to be on track.  

  • You can leave distortion/ overdrive/ delays etc on electric guitar tracks, we just ask for you to provide a dry track if possible.  This is also true for any tracks with non-standard effects - please just send a dry track in addition to your affected track

  • Make sure to send drum tracks as separate files (kick, snare, toms, cymbals, etc).

  • Label each track as to what it is with as little abbreviation as possible

  • Export each file from the very beginning of the project.  Each file for the song should be exactly the same length.  

  • You can send the files in one folder for each song via Dropbox or your preferred file transfer method.  Please provide a download link for all files necessary to mix your project.  

  • As an example, a tracklist for a song with drums, bass, 2 electric guitars, vocals and background vocals would likely look like this (kick, snare, tom1, tom2, overhead L, overhead R, Bass, electric 1, electric 2, lead vocal, background vocal)

Sending A Project From Garage Band

  • Open your Finder, and search for the Garageband project you wish to share

  • Press and hold the "Control" key while you Click on the Garageband project and then a menu will appear. From this menu, select "Compress"

  • A new compressed Zip file will appear directly under the project you selected. This file will be smaller in size and compatible with most email services and operating systems. 

  • At last, simply drag your track into a flash drive, dropbox folder, etc


Click Here for a great tutorial with pictures on exporting your Garage Band project

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