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Whether you're a band with a touring schedule or a singer/songwriter with nothing but a guitar and a dream, we can help you realize that dream and record your album, EP, or demo.  From start to finish, we'll help you traverse the murky waters of producing your very own recording.  It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro at recording and producing your music or are recording for the first time, we can help you knock it out of the park.  We can assist with song development, arrangement, and every step along the way.  And, if you need a band, the Wiregrass area is populated with wonderful, working musicians who would love to contribute their talents to your songs.  From the very first note to the very last mix, your music will be in safe hands.


Mixing requires a sharp and experienced ear, confidence, and willingness to take risks.  If you've recorded your album but need someone to take it a step further, you've come to the right place.  We can take your songs that you've poured your heart into and raise them to their utmost potential.  Whatever style or genre, let Anthem House take your project from raw talent to polished masterpiece.


Mixing a song is taking a group of individual instruments (drums, bass, guitar, vocals), mixing them together and making a song.  Mastering is taking a group of songs and making them sound like a record.  We can take your finished mixes, bring them up to a professional level, polish their sound, and deliver them to your distributor of choice.  With a proper master, your recording goes from finished to "Wow, that's amazing!"  


Anthem House has composed for documentary film directors, advertisements, and short films with clients ranging from churches, media companies, the National Park Service, & the US Department of State.  They're also well versed in pro audio, recording, acoustics and has over 25 years of experience in live sound.  Contact us today to add that world-class sound to your project.

Copyright Registration

It doesn't matter if you're performing your songs in coffee shops and venues or posting your songs on social media, you should have them protected by copyright.  It can be an intimidating and scary thought to register your songs with the Library of Congress with its legal language and unfamiliar terms.  But it's nothing close to the thought that your music is unprotected from those who would like to profit unfairly from your hard work.  We would be more than happy to get every song you've written protected by copyright.

Cassette Tape Transfers

Cassette tapes are getting more and more difficult to play.  Cassette decks are scarce and tapes are subject to damage from heat and age.  Let us help you preserve their treasures forever.  We can transfer your cassette tapes to mp3 or any other digital format.  We can also offer discounts for bulk orders.  Let us take your past and preserve it for the future.

Sell & Stream Your Music Online

Once your project is complete, let's get it out there for the world to hear.  We can get your music sold on iTunes, Amazon, streaming on Spotify, I Heart Radio, Pandora and many more.  Your music will be recognizable by Shazaam and Soundhound.  You'll be able to track your sales, and manage your music's impact in your fan-base.  Let us help get your music to your fans and future fans by helping you publish your music for sale and streaming online.

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